Benefits of Logging in

  • Get more results in codex searches.
  • Feel Special
  • Able to contribute corrections and earn rewards
  • Flag yourself for territory battles(not implemented)

Quick Options

You have no options.


Full Character Name

Paste /loc here

To login to SotaSTATS, we will need you to do some in-game steps.

Step #1. Login to Shroud of the Avatar

Step #2. Make sure your name is visible on public stats

To do this, right click your character name in the top left and make sure it says "Hide name from public stats".
If it looks like the picture below, you are NOT visible and need to click on "Show name in public stats".

Step #3. Please do not move from this point on or your login may fail

Step #4. In-game, type /loc

Step #5. Type in your character name above in the first box

Step #6. Paste your /loc into the second box. When you typed /loc it fills your clipboard automatically.

Step #7. Click "Begin Login" to proceed